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Updated: May 3, 2022

To face the challenges of sustainable forest management today, it is imperative for foresters to reach out, to educate and to create awareness about the importance of Sabah forests and the mechanisms put in place to manage them sustainably.

It is because of this that the Sabah Forestry Department has invested a great deal to develop forest recreation and education centres throughout the State.

Apart from their educational and awareness functions, these centres have been designed to provide some unique forest recreation experiences and to encourage people in general to get outdoors and enjoy Sabah’s forests in a safe environment.

Today there is already a small but growing group of full-time personnel devoted to the care and management of these centres. These individuals are on hand to assist visitors, or special interest groups, such as schools, to ensure that they make the most of their time, and gain maximum benefit from these centres, and the forest experience.

It is with great hope that this innovation guide of website can help promote Sabah’s forest recreation and education centres, by providing more informative information to help visitors gain access to, and enjoy these facilities.

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