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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Stars...  Astrotourism Are Reaching New Heights

Stargazing allows you to reconnect with nature and is said to be a good stress reliever as you gaze calmly upon the clearest sky and be hypnotized by the constellations landscape. According to Sabah Stargazers, among the popular districts to do stargazing are Kota Belud, Kundasang, Tawau, Kudat and Lahad Datu. The Astro-tourism activities are not just limited to watching stars but also include admiring eclipses and meteor showers events.

Either you are an avid stargazer or not, one shouldn’t miss out on Sabah’s stargazing skyline. Visitors can request more information from their local ground handler or connect with a local stargazing group for the best tips.


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