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Updated: May 3, 2022

The Sabah Forestry Department has already developed numerous sites with visitor recreation and education facilities to help raise awareness and a sense of appreciation for forests and forestry in Sabah. As forests are opened up for these activities, new challenges have arisen in regards to, how to manage visitors to gain a moving experience in the forest, and yet at the same time minimise the negative impacts of their visits to these sites. To ensure visitors modify their behaviour appropriately within the forest setting, to ensure their safety and to alleviate potential negative impacts on the surrounding ecosystem, the Sabah Forestry Department has developed a standard set of rules to guide visitors at these sites.

Firstly visitors should remember that forest reserves are areas of restricted access, and visitors are strongly advised of the following:

  • Never wander away from the trails or areas designed for visitors.

  • To ensure these places are maintained for future visitors to enjoy, visitors should never cut down vegetation, and; never take any plants, flowers, or other artefacts and memorabilia from the forest.

  • Firearms, non-biodegradable chemicals, or dangerous pollutants should never be brought into forest reserves.

  • At best nothing should be left within these reserves, and all waste should be brought out with visitors when they leave. Waste bins are provided in heavy-use areas and should be used.

  • Fires should never be lit, and special care should be taken when using candles at night. Do not drop cigarette butts indiscriminately.

Certain sites have special rules to maintain the safety of visitors, or to ensure minimal negative impacts on sensitive environments. Visitors should check for site-specific rules and guidelines on entry to any forest area and comply with these rules for the entire visit.

(SABAH, MALAYSIA BORNEO - Guide to Forest Recreation & Education Centres)

ISBN 978-983-42418-2-7

Sabah Forestry Department

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